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My name is Melinda Balogh and I am an artist. I mainly work with painting and photography and have had about 70 exhibitions both in Sweden and abroad – USA, Egypt and​​ Australia – both in museums and private galleries. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree, and I have studied art science, sociology and social anthropology at Stockholm’s University. I majored specialized in non-European art with a thesis on the art of Australia's indigenous people. I also have great knowledge about Native American culture because of my lifelong interest in their destiny and my trust in nature and it´s powers. I studied photography at Biskops Arnö High school and I am a member of KRO – the Swedish artist's national organization.


My artistic interest along with a dedication to health, nature, spirituality and meditation have shown me the way to working with color´s healing energies, in the form of beautiful paintings, jewelry, dream​​ catchers and many other things where everything has an inherent meaning. I believe that everything that comes to us in our creativity should come effortlessly and in joy - then man create something good.


I have been also working on a particular dance for​​ many years, developing it through my many dance courses, after I received insight from other dimensions. This process of development is still ongoing and will probably continue. You will experience the healing energies of colors and rhythm while you dance.


Healing with jewelry work in the same way as the dance but here I use gems and their properties.


I give lectures on both​​ Australian​​ aboriginal art and the healing properties of gemstones.

Melinda Balogh