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Amulets and Talismans


Freya and her necklace Brisingamen


How do you purify your gemstones​​ and jewelry?


Gemstone​​ description

Gemstones​​ can help you


This gemstone book is an attempt to explain the properties of the​​ gems and how I think when I create my jewelry. It is an attempt to shed light on different perspectives that everything on earth is vibrating, and we are in a mystical, naturally united physically, psychologically and mentally. What it all comes down to is to try to understand the different​​ gemstones have different vibration levels that are programmed by nature itself. By combining these energies, for example through a piece of jewelry, you can balance your energy and get in tune with your desires and make them​​ satisfied.


It is​​ just as​​ good that you admit to yourself that you are, indeed, exactly you would like to have your wishes fulfilled here and now and that you are worth it. Everyone wants to live fully here and now, not in the future, for it is uninteresting or backward in time already has been. Anyone who lives here and now live forever on the unified field level beyond time and space where we are all connected to each other.


I who have written this book have had a longstanding, dedicated interest in​​ gemstones and​​ experience​​ with their different energies. This, together with the inspiration of music, dance,​​ the cetin of images, meditation, health and​​ much other energies​​ creates a starting point for my work with the​​ gemstones, and the jewelry I make unique to each​​ person.


This book invites you to the magical mineral worlds. It can also be a help for you to self-explore these realms. On this path, you can find your own unique piece of jewelry that can get your own meaning and significance to you.


Melinda Balogh