Magical Mystery Tour with Melinda Balogh

My name is Melinda Balogh and I am an artist. I mainly work with painting and photography and have had about 50 exhibitions both in Sweden​​ and abroad – USA, Egypt and Australia – both in museums and private galleries. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree, and I have studied art science, sociology and social anthropology at Stockholm’s University. I majored specialized in non-European art with a thesis on the art of Australia's indigenous people. I also have great knowledge about Native American culture because of my lifelong interest in their destiny and my trust in nature and it´s powers. I studied photography at Biskops Arnö High school and I am​​ a member of KRO – the Swedish artist's national organization.



A few examples of my artistry:

* I have prepared an art exhibition for my municipality on racism and genocide which gave teenagers the opportunity to learn about the subject in a different way.​​ This exhibition is for rent.

I mainly paint visualizations of the music from the 60-70s, for instance, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.​​ 

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