• When I hear a song from The Beatles, slowly a picture emerges in my head and it is this picture I paint.

- The Beatles always have inspired me in many different ways. I like their music and texts, which is enveloped by a life and philosophy built on love, happiness and freedom. This philosophy has been successfully spread through the world. I hope my paintings do the same, because it also suits me and my view of life.

Melinda Balogh


It is a psychedelic action and play in vivid colors with a feeling of flower power from the 60´s.



Your paintings and your art has to be inspired through God. Your paintings say so much about you the artist that it would be impossible to paint like that if your life was not blessed. I am sure that what you paint comes from a feeling sent through God; I have to sit and think, just sit and see how God uses your talent to bring love​​ and joy to people through your art. I know even you must be impressed by what you paint. It is God love flowing into your heart that gives you the ability to see the puzzled finished before you start. Don´t think I am a nut, I ´m not, I just must tell you that with every stroke you make I feel the love of God in it. Thanks for sharing with me the love God has given you to paint. I feel that one day God will reward you for doing his work…




Hiya, I just had a look at your paintings and no kidding, you paint the songs! They are fantastic! I wish I could paint, they are really impressive.




The sceneries you´ve created brings back a lot of​​ magical&mystical​​ memories from the late sixties. You´ve managed to capture the spirit of the era in a most convincing way. Whatever means you´re using to tune in to that timeless level of reality – you´re truly blessed with the gift to express that experience.

Alan Aldridge´s book The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics contains hundreds of illustrations of most Beatles songs. Many of them are​​ technically highly advanced​​ and very beautiful, but although created in the sixties, unfortunately in lack of passion and Love. Your paintings, Melinda, do have those qualities and that´s what make them sparkle with electricity and wonder.



I love the beautiful paintings… you realy rock!!! Love and Peace.​​